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Give Your Blank Wall A Makeover With These Quirky Design Ideas!

Imagine a white canvas that you can paint however you want. That’s what a plain wall in your apartment looks like! So much potential in a wall and that’s what makes it the most confusing. From a statement wallpaper to elegant wall hangings, there are so many things you can do with a plain, white wall!

To give you an idea, we’ve come up with 6 creative ways you can jazz up a whitewashed wall and make it the center of attention in your apartment.


1. Light It Up!

Neon lights are the talk of the town right now. From quirky messages to cute signs, neon lights are great when you want to cover up a blank white wall.

The great thing about neon signs are that since it is the highlight, you really don’t have to do much about the rest of the room. Keep it simple yet classy with quirky neon signs in your living room and bedroom.


2. Make Magic With Murals!

Here’s a creative way to cover up a blank wall. You can paint a wall mural in your living space. This is a great way to personalize your space and while adding color to a pale background.

Go crazy with your mural or just get the job done by a professional to customize your space.


3. Build A Personal Photo Wall!

Step up your creative game with a dedicated spot to show off your polaroids!

A really simple way to add a personal touch to your house is to hang pictures of your family and friends. And since framing pictures has become old-school, you can simply decorate your wall by hanging photos to achieve an overall aesthetic look in your bedroom.


4. Go Creative With Washi Tape!

Why waste money on decor when you can DIY, right? If you don’t want to go overboard with wall decorations or don’t have the budget, simply use washi-tape to make colourful patterns and designs on your wall.

Colourful washi-tape makes for great interior decor. So put on your creative hat and get going!


5. Hang It By A Thread!

We mean it, literally! Many people wouldn’t want to hide a plain white wall, instead accentuate it. And a really smart way to do that is to hang macramé wall hanging or simple plants on the wall.

This gives off a cool vibe to your living space and also makes the decor look effortless. If you’re going for a casual and chic look for your apartment, these wall hangings will surely complement your space.


6. Dress It Up With Wallpapers!

You can’t go wrong with trusty ol’ wallpaper designs. But what’s new are 3D wallpapers which do not disappoint. Especially the faux brick wallpaper which is very much in style right now.

Even if you’re not completely sold out by the idea of permanent wallpapers, you can go for easy peel-out wallpapers for temporary use. Wallpapers are a great idea to spice up the space and does not require much work from your side.


These were just some creative ways to decorate your plain wall. But don’t let your imagination stop there. You can really commit and add shelves to your wall for some structure or mix it up with bold art pieces!

There are so many ways to jazz up a boring wall. So get creative and personalize your home!

You can also hire professionals to redo your entire space if you are looking for a complete makeover! Get great interior designing experts in your area. Tealwalls is one such interior design company that caters to your personal style and design homes as per your requirement.

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