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Peeking Inside Alia Bhatt’s Mumbai Apartment

Alia Bhatt is the Gen-Y super star everybody wishes to become! The 25 year old’s personal and professional life is nothing short of glamorous.

But is her daily life as bling and flashy as we think it to be? One look at her beautiful Juhu apartment will tell you otherwise!

Alia Bhatt’s first suggestion to interior designer, Richa Bahl was that the house shouldn’t be too modern. Instead, she wanted it to have an old feel – a little bit like a New York loft, with nothing glamorous or over the top like marble floors or chandeliers.

And that’s what attracted us the most about her house. We dig the subtle new york loft vibe with plain white walls and wide windows!

Here are some great design aspects of her mumbai apartment that caught our eye!


1. The White Sofa

One thing that’ll stop you in tracks the moment you step in, is the gorgeous white couch in the living room, paired with a center table and cushioned bench. Casual yet classy, the perfect combination for a cozy living area.

The white couch can be a tad too much to maintain but if you’re up for it, this couch can be a great addition to your room as well.


2. Unique Tea Bar

Alia and her sister are crazy for tea and insisted on a dedicated tea bar. Well we totally get it! This cozy counter, complete with bar stools and a hip flask is the perfect way to start your day.

Sipping a cup of tea perched up on a bar stool, we couldn’t have imagined it better! This cute corner can be incorporated in a rather spacious living area for your home as well.


3. Vintage Kitchen Vibes

Sticking with the overall muted tones of the house, the kitchen also gives off a retro vibe with pastel colors and wooden racks.

The modular kitchen has a minimalistic touch and isn’t crowded with too much storage space, making the place more breathable yet functional.


4. Separate Fitting Room

Literally separating her professional life from personal, her house fashions a fitting room which is a separate space altogether and ensures that the rest of the house stays private, even if the actress is in the midst of fittings.

The dressing room is separated from the large living area by a lobby and also has a private seating.

Partitioning off living and dining areas to create private spaces is a smart way to utilize the house. You can create your own office or work area in your home by compartmentalizing the living room.


5. Cozy Reading Area

Wide windows, low cushioned seating and muted lighting makes for the perfect reading area. The space is snug and comfy, ideal to spend an entire afternoon drowning in books.

The area is dominated by neutral colors with plain white walls and wooden structures. With natural lights flooding the space, this is one of the most comfortable spots in the house.


Alright, we can all agree that Alia’s Mumbai apartment is major house goals! Seriously we can’t stop envying the quirkiness of the space.

But you can surely take a pointer or two from this amazingly designed apartment, especially the white couch!!

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Picture Credits: Architectural Digest