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2019 best floor design ideas

Modern Home Flooring Ideas That Are Trending In 2019

Remodelling a home can be a big task to undertake, especially when you’re starting from scratch. Most homeowners find it challenging to choose the perfect home flooring and end up playing it safe with marble or granite tiles.

Finding the best home flooring can be difficult but once you put in some work, the end result comes out beautiful. So if you’re thinking about replacing your home flooring, the best option is to do some research on the different home flooring alternatives and go with the one that is convenient, budget-friendly and suits your overall interiors.

Choosing a contemporary house flooring for Indian homes can be tricky because of the popularity of tiles in the market. You can still experiment with different home flooring ideas that will match your taste and give a modern look to the space.

Here are some smart flooring ideas for your home that is widely popular this season.


1. Classic Hardwood Flooring In Homes

home flooring ideas

Hardwood floors are every homeowner’s paradise. Giving your home flooring the perfect balance of warmth, colour and ease of maintenance, hardwood floors bring character and class to your space.

Though real hardwood floors are on the steeper side of the price range, if you have your heart set on hardwood flooring you can opt for reclaimed hardwood which is more ecological and reuses existing and salvageable wood.


2. Concrete Home Flooring Ideas

home design ideas 2019

Contrary to popular belief, concrete flooring is not just for garage and roads. It is gaining popularity as a durable and budget friendly option for home flooring. Also, choosing concrete floors does not necessarily mean you have to stick to the grey tone. There are numerous options to embellish your concrete home flooring with polishing, colour tints and inlays using various materials such as glass, wood and metal.

The sustainability and lasting effect of concrete floors also saves cost of your home flooring unlike hardwood floors that requires periodic refinishing.


3. Leather Flooring For A Unique Look

2019 best floor design ideas

Give your home a sophisticated look by installing leather floorings. Leather, when used in flooring is surprisingly durable and is mostly made of cowhide.

Leather tiles feel soft under your foot and therefore, bedrooms work well with leather flooring and give a warm feel all round the year. Though it is naturally water resistant, leather is not the best option for kitchens and bathrooms as water can seep through tile gaps.

Relatively new in market, you can use leather tiles for home flooring to give a unique feel to your home.


4. Luxury Vinyl Home Flooring Idea For Your Bedroom

top floor design ideas

How about giving your home the look of wood or stone without the expensive cost and exhaustive installation procedure? If that’s what you’re looking for, you can simply choose luxury vinyls for your home flooring. Luxury vinyl floorings are also a new trend this season mainly because homeowners are finding it extremely convenient and a pocket friendly option for their homes.

Even though luxury vinyl floorings come in different price ranges, most of them still opt for a vinyl installation because manufactures nowadays are doing a great job in printing realistic graphics, making flooring surfaces look like real wood or stone. Secondly, vinyl flooring have great texture and thickness which makes it durable and long lasting.


To sum it up, 2019 is all about the look and feel of home flooring. Indian homes usually stick to marble or terrazzo tiles because of the durability and ease of maintenance. Earlier homeowners were unsure of the sustainability of the new types of flooring options. But now that we have set things straight about emerging home floorings, it’s time you try it out.

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