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Luxury Interiors For A Spacious 3BHK Home In The Suburbs Of Mumbai

Away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, this beautiful 3BHK apartment is situated in the suburbs of Mumbai. Owing to the house location and surroundings, our clients were keen on interiors that radiated a rather soft, warm and relaxing vibe to the space. Our designers worked through this detailed brief and managed to accomplish the perfect blend of subtle and minimalistic interiors our clients had wished for.

While keeping the colours and tones of the house minimum, the mission was to create modern interiors that matched the homeowner’s style preference. Here textures and structures play a big role in bringing together the space, in this case- the living room.

luxury interior design

Living room and dining hall

The faux leather furniture and the 6 seater wooden dining space comes together beautifully to exude a simple yet elegant vibe to the living room. Keeping the entire space minimal has its perks since it easily sheds light on the kitchen, a sophisticated and spacious area separated from the room by bold coloured partitions.

interior designs for luxuary homes

Kitchen interiors

Other than the eye-catching partition, everything else in the kitchen has been kept simple and sophisticated with modular style kitchen cabinets and extensive storage options for utensils. The kitchen is also provided with a small utility area.

The 3 bedrooms in the apartment is very spacious and has a lot of room to move about. The wooden element, however seeps into each room in the form of basic furniture designs and brings the entire house together.

master bedroom interior designs

The master bedroom

premium Interior designs

Grandmother’s room

best interior designers in mumbai

Daughter’s room

The majority of the house is lit up through natural lighting and therefore, the subtle colors and natural wood tones shine through the space.

bathroom interior design ideas

Bathroom interiors

The bathroom in the master bedroom is a cozy and well lit space. The bathroom interiors reflect the bedroom designs and is complete with natural wood shelves and gold toned interiors. Like every other space in the room, the bathroom too pulls off the minimalist look.

This minimalistic home interiors were fully customised and personalised to our client’s style and inspirations. If you are also looking for such personalised home interiors, you can talk to our designers and get free design consultations here –

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