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The Ultimate List Of Interior Design Trends That Are Huge In 2019

The past year has been a splash of colors to say the least! In the interior space, rose gold dominated the industry and by the looks of it, is here to stay! But not every interior design trend in 2018 is going to stay. Some are already fading away as the new year brings with it brand-new aesthetics and design trends. From floral decor to terrazzo flooring, 2019 has brought some of the old school styles back to life.

If you’re looking to redecorate your home interiors, take a look at these 5 interior design trends in 2019!


1. Bringing Back The Terrazzo Trend

Interior design trends in 2019 is going retro with the Terrazzo flooring coming back in style. Every 90s kid remembers this old-school tile which has been overused in almost every Indian home.

Well looks like the Terrazzo tiles are making a comeback in 2019 with a fresh design. It is very quicking garnering eyes of homeowners as a classy alternative to typical floor options.


2. Playing with Blush Tones

If there’s one thing we’re taking from 2018 into the new year, it is blush tones mixed with gold accents in home decor. The famous “rose gold tint” is here to stay for a while and for good reason!

This beautiful splash of minimalism makes your home interiors look appealing and also fuse very well with different color palettes.


3. Flaunting The Floral Fashion

We’re keeping it “au naturel” this season with vibrant floral designs and colorful decor items.

Because floral prints give off a natural and peppy vibe, it is heavily influencing the interior design trend for 2019 and catching many eyeballs.

The above image is a true example of the fashion hitting the mainstream interior design industry, displaying a modern floral aesthetic. You can give a new spin to this trend with interesting decor pieces, wallpaper designs and fabrics that bring out the floral print in your room.


4. Weaving In Macrame Wall Art

It’s 2019 and people are still not over the macrame wall hanging that gives off a very vivid dorm/ bachelor pad vibes. Well, we believe the macrame/ fiber wall art might be cutting it close and will eventually disappear by the end of 2019 but as of now, it’s only growing stronger in the interior design space since it has become every 15 year old’s favorite DIY.


5. Catching Attention With Copper

Lastly, our new favorite among the ongoing interior design trends is the copper effect in modern day home. We are hoping that in the coming time, tinted copper becomes the new “rose gold”.

We are currently digging these copper vibes in living rooms and kitchen interiors. The subtle metallic color pops out over an “all-white” room decor. This makes your interiors look minimalistic and classy!


These latest interior design trends are currently the most sort after and we are absolutely on board! Go ahead and try these trending designs for your home this season. Don’t forget to mention your favorite trend below.

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