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A Designer’s Guide: How To Choose Paint Colours For Your Home

Trying to choose the paint colours for your home can be the single most difficult job any homeowner has to go through, simply because there are so many colours to choose from. Of course you need to keep in mind a lot of things while deciding the colour palette for your entire home- a favorite colour might not suit the walls of your home or may not match your store bought furnitures. These small details add to the complication of selecting the perfect colour.

Therefore to ease you into the process, we talk about some common colour schemes that you can use in your home and also throw in some tips on how to choose paint colours for your home: have a look!


Common Colour Schemes For Home Interior

1. Monochrome

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The monochromatic look has got quite a reputation in the interior industry. Exploited to its maximum, the black and white monochrome might be done and dusted but that does not mean you can’t use this recurring theme in your home. Monochrome gives a beautifully balanced look to your home and you can still use it with a slight modification. Many designers are revamping the monochrome look by using other colour themes and patterns with the blissful white background.

You can use mint green furnitures to beautifully contrast with the white backdrop of your home as shown above. This gives a neat, colourfully balanced and modern effect to the living room.


2. Pastels

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When choosing paint colours for your bedroom and kid’s room, pastels are a great option to go with.  Pastel colours in your room softens the overall interior vibes and also gives a relaxing and serene look. Having these beautiful colours around also contributes to good sleep pattern. That is why most people opt for pastel colours in their kids bedroom. You can go with a pink, yellow or blue hue to give a soft texture to the room and create a peaceful and balanced environment.


3. Neutrals

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Neutrals are most people’s safe haven. When you don’t know what to do with your interior colors the best option is to stick to a neutral colour palette.  But neutral does not necessarily have to spell out boring in your home. It is very easy to play around with other elements in the house when you have a beige, white or gray backdrop to support it. For example, accessorize your living room or dinning room with colourful  furnitures, rugs, portraits and fun decor items to layer on top of the neutral hue.

Before choosing a paint colour for your home always remember to select appropriate undertone for the neutral base as neutral colors have warm and cool undertones that shows up on the wall.


4. Colour Wheeling

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These days many designers and homeowners take the help of a colour wheel to choose paint colours for their homes. This mix and match style has become popular in modern day homes. In this technique you choose colours on the color wheel that is next to each other or analogous in nature. For example, blue and green can go together or pink and red can be painted side by side. This technique helps you add more colours to the room without standing out.

In the above example, choosing two different blue shades for the same room gives the illusion of depth and makes the room look bigger. Using blue and green shades also give a more relaxed and calm vibe to your space which is appropriate for a bedroom or living room.


Helpful Tips On How To Choose Paint Colours For Your Home

  • Use the rule of three when choosing colours for a specific room. Limit your colours in any room to just three colours and decorate your home using similar tones. This makes the space look put together and attracts attention.
  • When going for neutral colours for your home, contrast your room decor with warm and cool colours to showcase a relaxed yet cheerful environment. You can mix grey with warm honey to contrast your bedroom decor.
  • Make a mood board for all your inspirations and ideas before starting. This way your thoughts are aligned and not all over the place. You can then come to specific conclusions like choosing between minimalistic or vibrant designs.
  • Do not choose the paint colours for your home before you buy furnitures. It may seem more obvious but a good idea is to first buy furnitures and decor items and then choose a paint colour that matches with your room decor and art pieces.

Choosing paint colours for your home is pretty stressful and you might have to get into a lot more details but hopefully this article will give you a clear idea to start with. Use these helpful tips and colour schemes to paint your new home, and remember to just go with the flow and choose a colour that truly reflects your personality.

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