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Excellent Home Organization Ideas That Works For Small Spaces

It’s the start of the year and most people are on a decluttering spree. Throwing out unnecessary items and organising your home at the very beginning of the year gives off a sense of achievement and a fresh start.

But organizing your home can become a hassle when you have little to no idea about space utilization and maximizing storage space.

Therefore, we bring you some unique and functional organization ideas for small spaces that will tidy up your home in no time. Check them out below:


1. Compartmentalize Your Kitchen

With kitchen being the most used space in the house, it is obvious that it instantly becomes very messy and cluttered after every meal. Therefore, to make the process of cleaning and organizing your kitchen easy you can use small hacks to keep your kitchen spotless and put together.

For eg. use the wall space to incorporate open shelves instead of cabinets. Cabinets can make the overall kitchen look small and cramped while open shelving helps you organize and tidy up the space. You can also use hooks to hang your pots and pans instead of stacking it up in cabinets. These organization ideas are especially helpful for small kitchens.


2. Install Storage Units In Bathroom

Small bathrooms often miss out on utility space and extra storage. But that should not stop you from using DIY organization ideas to store your bath essentials in the bathroom. You can use these unique storage ideas to organize your washroom. Installing a vertical wooden rack will not only maximize storage but also take up less space than a bulky cabinet. Using over-the-toilet area to decorate your washroom or to simply create more storage space for personal care products is also a great organization idea.

These tips will help you utilize your bath space and also enhance your overall bathroom interiors.


3. Declutter Your Bedroom With Smart Storage

If you google organization ideas for bedroom, i’m sure you’ll find millions of tips and DIY hacks but the truth is not every rack, cabinet and storage space can be customised or affordable for that matter. There’s also the bigger issue of bulky cabinet or cupboard ruining the look of the entire space which is what happens in most cases.

Your job is to not only make your bedroom more organized but also neat and spacious. The best way to do that is to buy or build beds with preinstalled storage space below it. This can be open storage or closed, but these units are very helpful to stack away items that are not required for daily use.

These organization ideas for bedroom comes in handy when you need store winter clothes, blankets and extra pillows that are not in regular use.


4. When In Doubt, Think Vertical

It is true that small spaces restrict creative home interiors and storage space but that does not mean you can’t expand vertically! When you don’t have enough width in your room or living space, a great idea is to use the entire height of the wall for interiors. This technique can be used as organization ideas for your bedroom and kitchen as well.

Bulky cabinets and book racks will take a lot of space in your living area and also make your room look cramped. Therefore, to store books and decor pieces you can put shelves vertically along the wall instead of cabinets in the room.


5. Maximize Your Closet Space Using Accessories

A great organization idea for limited spacing in your closet is to hang everything. Instead of making different compartments for shoes, clothes and bags use storage accessories and racks that you can hang from a hook. This organizes your closet vertically so that you have enough space to store your belongings while having everything in view.

Stacking your belongings vertically also helps you utilize your entire closet area as opposed to a cupboard or cabinet where organizing can get restricted.

These organization ideas won’t take much of your time because it doesn’t require you to build any storage space. Simply buy a few organization accessories off any shop and you’re good to go!


These inexpensive home organization ideas and unique storage ideas for small spaces can help you declutter your home in no time. If you’re looking for a quick fix, i recommend you to try out these storage ideas for your home. Cleaning and organizing might take time but it is something you should not put off for a long time. These tips will help you keep your house neat and tidy.

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