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6 Creative Decor Ideas To Style Up Your Bedroom Space!

Bedroom makeovers can be a very stressful ordeal. From theme, color, mood to everything in between, redecorating a bedroom is a major lifestyle change that requires your utmost attention.

No matter what design you decide on, the important part is that your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality and also elevate the overall space. It is where you spend your quality time and also head back after a long day of work.

Therefore selecting a style or theme that will not only brighten up the room but also lift up your spirits is very important for you and your family.

So here are simple and easy decor ideas that will redefine your bedroom space.


1. Get Creative With Wallpaper Designs

Add a touch of glamour to a rather plain looking bedroom with some vibrant and colourful bedroom wallpapers. You can also pick a specific theme or style for your room. Light or dark, wallpapers are sure to lift up your bedroom decor and add a pop of colour.


2. Experiment With Innovative Headboards

Instead of fixing a plain brown headboard to your bed, get creative with wall hangings or rugs as a headboard alternative. It will not only add a soft touch to your room but also give you a lot more colourful options to choose from.


3. Make A Statement With Bold Art Pieces

One great way to make your bedroom space look classy and yet keep the decor minimalistic is to add one or two statement art pieces that brings your entire room together. This will make the room look elegant and sophisticated without you having to spend a fortune!


4. Get Inspired By The Floral Trend

Embrace your bohemian side and give your bedroom a floral makeover. Hanging plants and adding a little greenery against the simple white background of your bedroom gives a fresh look to the entire space.


5. Find The Perfect Bed Frame For Your Room

Believe it or not, bed frames never went out of fashion, it just depends on how you style your room. From four poster beds, platforms to bold bed frames the options are limitless. If you’re truly looking for a change, bed frames are a good area to experiment around!


6. Accessorize Your Room With Full Length Mirrors

Placing a full length glass mirror in your bedroom adds an extra oomph to your space and also creates the illusion of a bigger room. So if you’re bedroom is relatively small, it is a good idea to put a large mirror in one corner where natural light can reflect. This also helps brighten the entire area.


Ultimately your bedroom is your personal space, so choose a design that will suit your overall personality. You need to think about the choice of colour, theme and create a mood board that reflects who you are. This is important before you even start to redo your bedroom because if the interiors give a dull vibe after all the effort you’ve put in, it all goes to waste.

Therefore, the best way to achieve the perfect bedroom decor is to do a lot of research and build it overtime. Don’t try to finish the entire room in one single day. Get creative with small decor items and see your space come together, eventually.

But if you want to move in to a fully furnished bedroom, you can hire interior designers and experts that will help you decorate your home the way you want. We at Tealwalls cater to your personal style and design homes as per your requirement. Get a completely furnished space even before you move into the house!

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