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5 Stunning Bathroom Design Ideas For A Contemporary Home

Easily the most neglected space in terms of design and decor, bathrooms in indian homes leaves little to the imagination. A plain white sink, inexpensive tiles and an age old shower head screams anything but impressive.

Most homeowners are ready to spend a fortune on bedrooms and living rooms, then why leave your bathroom outdated?

A bathroom is very much part of the house and therefore, it is essential that your bathroom design should match your overall home interiors.

Here are 5 luxurious bathroom design ideas to give a contemporary spin to the space.


1. Enclosed Shower Area

Indian homes usually fashion an open shower mostly due to the limitation in space and poor bathroom design layouts. But slowly that trend is changing and now modern homes establish a well planned bathroom layout beforehand that leaves enough room for an enclosed shower area with overhead and arm shower installations.

If you’re planning on remodelling your bathroom completely, you should install a glass wall that separates the shower area and make your bathroom look more organised and modern.


2. Floating Cabinets

Switching your bathroom vanity with a floating cabinet can bring a massive change to your bathroom design. Floating cabinets are more efficient in organizing your towels, toilet paper and other utility items whereas a full blown bathroom vanity will only consume too much space.

Also, a floating cabinet will be a beautiful addition to your bathroom design and give a contemporary look to the space.


3. Overhead Lighting

A well- lit bathroom is essential for every home. Even though indian homes have humble light fixtures on top of the mirror and sink, it is not enough. Most homeowners use a single tube light or bulb in the bathroom giving it a gloomy and dull look.

You can give your bathroom design a luxury spin by introducing overhead lighting in the vanity as well as the shower area.

Pro tip: Warm lights are more welcoming than piercing white lights.


4. Gold And Marble Accents

A very easy and smart way to convert your vintage bathroom design into a contemporary and chic space is to add gold accents to your marble flooring. Marble is already a luxury element for bathrooms bringing a classy vibe to the area.

On top of that, if you introduce subtle gold elements to the space, it will not only complement the white marble in the bathroom but also give an exquisite feel to the space.


5. Statement Sinks

Add a touch of grandeur to your bathroom design with unique sinks that attract attention. Contemporary bathrooms boast of luxury sinks and cabinets that become the central element of the space and also take your eyes off the rest of the bathroom which is usually kept simple and modest.

Therefore, this is a great bathroom design idea. Choose a unique sink that will stand out from the rest of the space and also help maintain the basic look of your bathroom.


These 5 different and unique bathroom design ideas will surely help you achieve the contemporary look you’re going for. But you should make sure to pre plan your bathroom layout in order to get your bathroom fittings and fixtures in the right place.

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