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5 Clever Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

Decorating living room interiors for your home can be perplexing. After all, it is the most social place in your house where your guests spend the maximum amount of time.

For most people, a living room is a reflection of their personality but incorporating trendy styles in your living area can be a little difficult if there is limited spacing.

An average 2BHK home does not have much space for living room and end up looking cramped. The trick is to style the area with creative decor pieces that makes your small living space look beautiful and spacious without crowding the place.


Check out these 5 creative living room decor ideas for small spaces:

1. Go Minimalistic

Use white walls in your living room to your advantage. Keeping the overall color palette for the room pastel and choosing neutral or white furnitures helps you achieve a minimalistic look. Pastel colors in the room helps you add a fun hue to the room without making it look chaotic.

Also, having natural light in the room brightens up the space and adds to the overall aesthetics of your living room making it look simple yet elegant.


2. Create An Accent Wall

Small living rooms require vibrant walls that removes attention away from the size of the space. Bold and colorful accent walls are a great way to do that. Don’t shy away from using lively and vibrant colors to fill up your accent wall. It will make the space come alive and also add depth to your living room.


3. Choose The Right Couch

Choosing the right couch for your living room is essential when you have limited spacing. For instance for a narrow living area, one which does not have much width, an L-shaped sofa will create the illusion of a longer living room and make the space look “stretched-out”.


4. Make Use Of Vertical Strips

Living spaces where the ceiling height is lower than usual requires unique wall decor to make the room look bigger. Adding vertical strips to the walls creates an impression of a larger room and takes the focus away from the ceiling.


5. Play With Patterned Rugs

Bold patterned rugs are usually the center of attention in any given space. A great living room decor idea is to switch out plain rugs with a single large patterned rug which makes your small living room space look bigger and does not visually break up the floor.

Rugs are also used as part of the basic room design around which you can assemble the rest of the furniture and decor pieces.


The right furniture and decor piece acts as the perfect accessory to go with your living room decor. Even in small living spaces, creative ideas can come to life with a little work and design inspiration. Incorporate these creative ideas for your living room decor and bring your small living space to life.

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