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3D Rendering In Interior Design: Transforming Homes With New Age Technology

The interior designing industry has transformed over the past few years with technology being at the forefront of this revolution. As the industry evolves, interior designers have also quickly adapted to new age technology and designing trends that is taking over the scene. Things like mood boards and presentations are very much out of the picture and have been majorly replaced by 3D rendering plans in most of the interior designing companies. Nowadays, companies do not give out hand drawn plans and blueprints to their customers but a full fledged virtual experience wherein homeowners can see their dream home come to life even before the execution has started.

3D rendering has massively changed the Interior designing industry but how does it help homeowners and designers define better home interiors? In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the advantages and use of 3D rendering in interior design.


3D rendering interior services.


How 3D Rendering in Interior Design Works?

Combining the technology of 3D architectural rendering into home interior solutions, interior design companies now provide interior design rendering services wherein the technology of virtual reality and augmented reality is used to give homeowners an almost real interpretation of their home interiors in 3D. Homeowners are able to view everything from the carpet texture to wall colors and every minute detail of the house even before it is executed. With the advancement in technology, designers have found a unique way of presenting interior designs to their clients without using hand drawn sketches or mood boards.


3D interior design


How Does Interior Design Rendering Services Help Homeowners?

Home owners are not new to the trend of 3D rendering as part of interior design services and most clients look forward to viewing their home in virtual realty. But apart from the obvious curiosity, 3D rendering in interior design also provides a great deal of benefits to homeowners.


Clear Interpretation:

The biggest takeaway from 3D rendering in interior design that homeowners mention is the clarity they get. 3D renders are pretty much self explanatory and therefore interior designers do not have to spend time explaining every fabric and wall decor they are going to use. Every element is designed in VR and presented to the client for easy understanding which makes it easy for the client as well as the designer to visualize the home and have a clear idea of what the home will look like once it’s done.


3D interior design services


Seamless Design Corrections:

Interior design rendering services are provided to clients so that it becomes easy for homeowners to look at the final design. Therefore, 3D rendering gives them the freedom to ask for quick changes in decor style or furniture positioning as well as makes it easy for the interior designer to perform those changes. 3D rendering has become a cost effective way to provide the customer with their desired requirements without wasting precious man hours of your design team.


Retaining Customer Attention:

Presenting to your clients and explaining the complexities of interior designing is an exhausting process, especially when no one in the room is paying attention. Hand drawn sketches, mood boards and presentation does not help the case either. The best alternative to this is 3D rendering in interior design that has gained a lot of popularity among homeowners as well as designers. Virtual reality has transformed the way interior plans are made and has also helped homeowners view, understand and realize their dream home interiors. This also increases the customer satisfaction by tenfolds.


3D interior designers


Show And Tell

At Tealwalls, we believe in the idea of impressing our clients through our hard work not empty promises. Therefore, it is only right that our interior designing firm also adapts to this new age technology and give our clients 100% satisfaction through customised design solutions and 3D rendering plans. This also helps our clients to put their trust in us and ensures a seamless and flawless project completion.


3D rendering for interior design has truly helped homeowners and interior designers in more ways than one and therefore, in the future, we are positive that this technology will only improve to show much more unique functionalities.

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Tealwalls provides customised home interior solutions in Bangalore and Mumbai which includes everything from space planning, 3D rendering to material sourcing and execution. If you’re interested in remodelling your home, we can help you out.

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